Corporate Profile

United Marine Agencies is headquartered in the port city of Karachi, and operates full service branch offices at four more locations across the country. The company primarily acts as shipping agent for liners, containers, bulk cargo tankers and conventional vessels sailing into our waters.

Besides the usual tasks an agency performs, UMA also supervises and handles all port operations through its designated associates, who are licensed stevedores and who maintain fully-equipped container terminals within and off the port limits. An added attraction for the clients is the company's policy to keep tally and documentation under its direct control. As if that is not enough, UMA also appoints the best professionals to look after the interests of the foreign principals. A service few can match.

Currently the company is representing a number of renowned shipping lines like Hyundai Merchant Marine Company Ltd., HAMBURGSUD, KMTC , R.C.L., C.C.N.I., DELMAS & CEEKAY calling at Pakistani ports.

The offices are manned by a staff of 140 seasoned and professional individuals. They form the core which enable the company to report a turnover of US$4million every year.

Today the company's operations are recognized and certified by DNV under the 'Bureau Veritas’ & QMS Standards as ISO 9001:2015 benchmark for quality managment system.