It was in 1988 that the foresight & shrewd mindset of a person laid the foundations of United Marine Agencies. That man was Mr. Shams ul Haq.

Back then, the shipping industry had suddenly sprang into action as a result of growing trade. More liners were operating in this area than ever before. Still more were keen to start operations and connect the port to other key locations around the globe.

Efficient & Competitive

Need for an efficient and competitively priced agent was needed to monitor and facilitate shipping movements in the area. The keen eye of Mr. Shams recognized the opportunity which ultimately led to the formation of UMA. Its presence made sure that shipping and cargo were handled in a thoroughly professional manner.

Growth & Success

The story of UMA has been that of unprecedented growth and phenomenal success, punctuated by numerous awards and recognitions along the way. Today, UMA is one of the most sought-after shipping agencies of the region. It acts as agents for a number of liners of the Far East, Europe and Americas. With the passage of time more liners and more operators continue to enlist in the growing family of UMA.