Sohail Shams CEO United Marine Agencies

The foundation of United Marine Agencies was laid in the year 1988 by the founder, Mr. Shams-ul-Haq. Ever since its’ inception UMA has successfully lived up to the mission of providing competent and effective freight and shipping solutions to its’ local and international clients. Mr. Sohail Shams the CEO of United Marine Agencies has been the very reason behind company’s unsurpassed performance and feat, making it to be one of the prestigious five shipping companies. It has carved its’ own mark, by partnering with some of the globally renowned brands. The company is a shipping agent for liners, bulk cargo, passenger cruise carriers, tankers and conventional vessels sailing at Pakistan’s ports. It endeavors to be the leading logistics and freight service providers to the principals, shareholders.

Mr. Sohail Shams has acquired tremendously insightful experience of more than thirty years in the industry. UMA has been renowned as a reliable, source for efficient shipping solutions, under Mr. Sohail Shams diligent and dynamic governance, he has had the privilege to have familiarized novel services, solutions, tapped new opportunities and contributed in generating lucrative growth for principals through imperative collaborations. It is his commendable accomplishment which led him to be elected as the Chairman of “All Pakistan Shipping Association” from 2004 to 2007 and served his tenure as the Chairman of FPCCI’s Standing Committee on Foreign Sea Carrier Agents in 2007. He has led the company to have secured the partnership with Hyundai Merchant Marine Company Ltd, HAMBURGSUD, R.C.L, Swire & Ceekay. The firm conscientiously administers entire port operations through its’ appointed confederates, who are certified stevedores, terminal operators and who maintain fully equipped container terminals within and off port periphery.

UMA has been qualified by DNV with ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 9002 certification for its’ Quality Management Systems for the core focus on quality assurance policies, and has been able to cater to Far East, Australia, New Zealand, Red Sea, east and west Mediterranean, west Africa, Gulf, South America and Europe. The company has been able to represent companies which handles vessels for the discharge of palm oil, and vegetable products. Under the able guidance of Mr. Sohail Shams, UMA’s unparalleled success and timely services are the key factors which have attained the confidence of Principals, patrons, and clients for over 29 years. The CEO believes in building lasting relationships with clients while delivering value for commitment, thus earning UMA a specialized service provision to petroleum importers and to the Ministry of Petroleum.

He is a man of strong will and belief in faith, hence he has always aimed to excel making UMA a true depiction of absolute commitment towards clients. Under his supervision, the business represents the leading lines from countries such as Thailand, Korea, Singapore, Germany and France, empowering the scope of Pakistan’s merchandise to the farthest regions. In the year 2016, notable triumphs UMA beheld was the procurement of further vessels, which resulted in about 11% of market share in country’s shipping industry. Such distinguished accomplishments contribute towards consolidation of country’s economic growth. Mr. Sohail Shams strongly advocate professionalism and delivers it through its’ efficient services, enabling him to be prominently marked as the most respected among local and international trade bodies, investors and merchants.

He firmly believes to keeping abreast with the world by updating the knowledge and rebuffing the old and typical entrepreneurial approach. He staunchly encourages novel entrepreneurs in Pakistan and advises to explore new sectors and untapped markets with sincere intentions and dedication through research and development. He Alongside his service and professionalism, he is an avid golf enthusiast, he has been an enormous support in promotion of golf in Pakistan, thus company has been actively allied with the Pakistan Golf Association’s flagship tournament – “the CNS Open Golf Championship” – as chief patrons for past eleven years. Mr. Sohail has strong set of work ethics, determination towards work and consideration for colleagues which led UMA to attain its contemporary stature.

He has been a great leader throughout his career thus he draws his inspiration from the great and our beloved Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H), he states:” Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) was the best leader the world has ever seen.”

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